Book on Digital Black and White Photography

I just got a book from the library called Advanced Digital Black and White Photography by John Beardsworth. Apparently it’s his second book on the subject. I’ve already read about all the books on photography my library has to offer, but this one was new and it should be no secret I’m big on the subject.

Skimming through it I picked up a couple of tricks here and there. The book pretty much describes my workflow, Lightroom to Nik Silver Efex Pro. One piece of technical info I wanted to share here (and keep for myself as reference) is about sharpening. Sharpening is a technically difficult thing that we rarely want to have to think about (most of the time I just let Lightroom take care of it and cross my fingers). But Beardsworth nails the problem very succinctly:

…sharpening is like a rim or halo around the edges within the picture, and remains effective yet imperceptible if it is around 1/100 of an inch (.25mm) on the final output. If you correctly sharpened a picture and printed it at Letter or A4 size on a 300 DPI inkject printer, that sharpening rim would be too small to be effective if you then decided to resize the picture and make a smaller print.

Anyway, if you’re getting interested in B&W digital photography I would recommend this book. If you’ve already read a bunch of photography books though, I wouldn’t pay for it (try to do what I do and get it from the library), it’s totally worth the skim but as you would already know these books cover a lot of the same material over and over again. I really like that it reserved a whole section for photographic presentation.

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