Mount Woodson Hike, Eastern Approach

We chose this hike because of the season. I really want to go out to the dessert but I think it’s best to wait until the weather is milder. Since the vegetation anywhere is pretty much dry and brown, I thought we’d go on a hike that was more about rocks than foliage. There are also some really cool looking places up the San Diego river, but the river is probably too dry for the waterfalls to be worth it right now.

So many antennas

To start off, we had never been on the 67 freeway before. It takes you through Lakeside which immediatly makes you feel like you’ve gone out into the country. There aren’t a lot of places like that left in the area. To get to the hiking trail you have to park along the highway. There are a lot of signs about towing if you park in the wrong place, so you have to be really careful. It’s pretty clear the people who live there do not want to be bothered by the hikers.

But I thought the hike wasn’t too bad. Puja thought it was really steep, I guess I’ve conditioned myself enough recently that it didn’t bother me too much. We both struggled with our new hiking shoes. Hopefully they just need breaking in.

The only wildlife we saw was what you would expect: rabbits, lizards, crows and a couple of hawks flying around. At one point Xar acted like she saw something and spryly jumped up a rock and tried to chase after it, but we had her on a leash and she couldn’t have gotten very close to it before it was gone.

At the top you are rewarded by a stunning number of antennas. There are a lot of warning signs about not getting too close to them and avoiding high voltage power lines. You start to feel like you are trespassing in some industrial complex. In most places like this the encroachment of industry on nature can be a spoiler, but for me here it was pretty interesting. And there were a lot of photographic opportunities, given the forms of the antenna.

This hike is a popular local spot for rock climbers. It has a lot of boulders, some are really big and there are a great variety of challenges there. Our friend Scott told us he’s done some free climbing and top roping there.

Xaria injured herself and I tried carrying her up on my shoulder for a while

We had a bit of trouble going back down the mountain. Xaria somehow split one of the pads of her foot. I think the pavement was too rough for her feet. She kept stopping and laying down on our way down. At one point I tried hoisting her over my shoulder and carrying her down, but at 70 pounds that wasn’t going to work for long. She’s doing fine now, she got much better once we got away from that rough asphalt.

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