My Badass 1895 Business Card

Amazing how such a simple item can lead you to so many questions. What is the business card for today? What role does it play? Do we even need one? Should it be simple and to the point or should it be attention grabbing? Fun? Classy? Chic?

And while you are trying to cram all of your personality into your card, what about information? Today we have more information to put onto a business card than ever, yet most of it is so much less important than it used to be. Look at these choices: Business Address, personal address, mailing address, name, cell phone number, fax number (maybe, not me), business phone number, personal phone number, e-mail address (which one?), website url, facebook url, twitter handle, or a billion other social networks, the list goes on.

To me, ideally my card would have my website address and that would be all. Somebody would have my card, go to my website address and get all the information they needed there. I mean, everyone carries a smartphone these days, right? They can do it before we’ve even shaken hands to part.

And the worst part of all of this is, how often am I even going to hand my card out? I’ve never been very good about that, and I feel less and less guilty about it every day because lets face it, the art of exchanging business cards has pretty much gone the way of the pager. When a person leaves a conversation with me I want them to know one specific thing about me: Read More