Sunday Morning in Watts

This weekend Puja and I went to visit her brother AP to celebrate his birthday in Pasadena, so we didn’t get to do our weekly hike in San Diego. This worked out fine for us because the temperature was roughly one hundred degrees even in the cooler parts of Southern California.

AP went scuba diving in Laguna Sunday morning, so this left us with a few hours to go explore Watts. I recently got re-interested in going to see the Watts Towers when I saw this video on Pinterest.

I was expecting it to be difficult to photograph, and it certainly was. I knew about the fence. What I didn’t know is that it is open to the public at certain restricted hours, I would love to go back sometime when we can go inside and look around.

Here is one I would really like to reshoot. It was difficult because I had to reach through the fence to do this montage.

This work of sculture was deeply impressive to see in person. You can see the immense effort it took Sobato Rodia to put together. It was made entirely out of found scraps of metal. You could also see his training as a mason really shine through when you look at the tile and sculptural work at the base of the structure.

Part of me kept thinking of a miniature golf course looking at it. That might sound condescending, but that is the nature of this style of art, called American naive art. It has a naive, childlike appearance. Yet there is a clear sense of mastery behind it.Read More