Torrey Pines Hike

This weekend definitely did not go as planned, but Puja and I got a lot done around the house that was long overdue! Unfortunately, there was not hike this week, mainly because she had a really bad cold.

So I’ve got this set of pictures I took over a year ago (August 6, 2011 – thank you EXIF data). It was a beautiful hike through Torrey Pines State Park. Torrey Pines is basically bluffs over the ocean where lots of people go to hike. The original freeway to San Diego goes through it, only it is no longer accessible to cars. That freeway has been rerouted to the often congested 5 freeway. Apparently the original interstate here was built so steep at a time when cars didn’t have fuel pumps and relied on gravity to get the fuel to the engine. So if somebody’s tank wasn’t filled high enough their car would stall and leave them stranded.

We swore we’d go back to Torrey Pines soon, it’s only about twenty miles from our house, but we haven’t been yet.

The Torrey Pine is an rare and endangered pine, it grows only in two locations: San Diego and Santa Rosa Island. What is really interesting is the difference between the pines that grow near the cliffs versus the ones set back that are protected from the wind. The wind-swepped pines are short and spindly. The ones set back are tall and mighty, looking to my untrained eye like any other pine tree in a forest.

I was really happy with how these pics came out. At the time I was learning to use Nik Silver Efex Pro, which is a plugin for Photoshop Lightroom that I really recommend to anyone interested in working with black and white. Coincidentally, they are headquartered in Mission Valley, just a mile or so from me.

At the time I took these pictures I was playing around with different crop ratios. I was really interested in creating what were basically panoramas, not by stitching together several photographs but by cropping off the edges.

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