About Me

I am a web developer. It’s pretty much my life these days since I quit freelancing and took a full-time job at Max Audience. I now spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about web development and other coding tasks that can be beneficial to digital marketing. When I get home from work I just can’t stop thinking about it.

I hope that doesn’t make me sound too boring. It’s just that there is a lot of exciting stuff going on. In my own time, even before I started working at Max Audience, I was learning R Programming and Python, but my expertise was with front-end Web Development and WordPress. We do a lot with WordPress at Max Audience and we also work with a lot of other technologies. I’m hoping to bring some of these other technologies into play.

I’m getting to spearhead projects, working with designers and even with other developers from other companies. Although we make a lot of websites for our clients, it is not unusual for some of our clients to have developed their own websites before bringing us on-board. I often provide some level of support for these site. And I see a wide spectrum of coding quality. I’m getting a lot of experience rewriting code and optimizing clunky websites. I’m getting to use every bit of JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and MySQL skill I’ve got to help things along. We use WordPress a lot, but I sometimes get to dig into my AngularJS and EmberJS locker.

We also do a lot with Social Media and e-mail marketing. You might think e-mail marketing was pretty boring, but it’s much the opposite. It’s complicated. There are many limitations to e-mail that you don’t have with web pages, limitations people (such as myself) do not want to accept. People view e-mail in Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, yahoo mail or any of a hundred other mail clients. Each client has its own way of putting these html documents within their view. Gmail, for example, strips off the body tag. And you can’t expect basic containers to be rendered the way you want in clients like Outlook, so e-mails are structured in tables, as if we were still in the last century. Only worse, they still have to be responsive to mobile. But it can be done, I swear to you, it can be done…

In addition to that, I manage Salesforce for our company. Salesforce is a highly customizable and extensible sales management system. They are the king of their field really. And the platform is really powerful.

That’s all I’m going to say for web development right now, because I’m hoping to say the rest in my blog.

I’ve been a blogger for a while. My wife and I have a blog about Indian food, Indiaphile. It’s been sadly neglected lately, but we’re always hoping to get back into it. Even if it isn’t really up to date, there is plenty to see there.

Aside from all of this web development stuff, and blogging about Indian food, I do photography and I play guitar. You can check out my social networks to see about that stuff. Unfortunately my social networks get pretty neglected, but I’ve got a flickr and a soundcloud.